I’d walk a mile for a Camel

Since I bought my first smartphone – the iPhone 3GS – it has become my key digital device. I save almost everything I can on it – who I know, all the details about them, and all the other information that make it possible for me to run my life smoothly. This craving has augmented along with the increasing capacities of the iPhone, superseding even my laptop. So it is fair enough to say that my iPhone contains loads of information that I consider quite sensitive.

But what would happen if someone steals my iPhone or if I lost it somewhere? How easy would it be for the person in possession of my iPhone to get access to the phone and the sensitive information that I have saved in it? And I wonder that even if it happens, can I prevent other people from finding out the most sensitive information in my iPhone?

Since there is lots of information saved in my iPhone, at first I should know what do I need to secure in my iPhone? I have been thinking about the information that is currently saved in my iPhone. It includes:


  • Everyone I know (Contacts, Facebook), when I’m in contact with them (SMS, Email, Recent calls), and who’s most important (Favorites)
  • Everything I’m doing (my to-do list, Things) and when (Calendar)
  • Places I’ve been (to a certain extent, within Maps)
  • Photos I’ve taken, including scans of membership cards
  • Photos of my family member that I downloaded from my laptop to my iPhone
  • Websites I visit (Safari) and things I buy (eBay, confirmations stored in Email)
  • Certain bank account details, and passwords (within Contact entries and Notes) https://i4you.ru/


There is no doubt in it that a lot of information about my life is saved in the iPhone, so how can I rely solely on the built-in function of iPhone to secure my such a valuable information? For example, my personal photos that I have just transferred from my computer to the iPhone; are very private and I don’t want anyone else to access them and therefore I need to hide them so that even if someone gets access to my iPhone, he would not be able to view my personal family photos.

Folder Lock for iPhone is the iPhone version of my favorite file and folder locking software – Folder Lock. When I got to know that Folder Lock for iPhone is released I was very excited because I am using Folder Lock to lock down my confidential and important files on my computer and I was desperately looking for something similar to Folder Lock that can secure files in my iPhone too. So I downloaded Folder Lock for iPhone directly from iTunes App Store to my iPhone and have started to learn how can I secure my files, photos and other sensitive information that I have in my iPhone with this application?

Folder Lock for iPhone allows me to password protect and hide photos, videos and audios of all available formats, Microsoft Word files, PDF files, Excel sheets, notepad files and much more. It also allows me to secure files that I have downloaded from the internet.

It creates the secure storage called Locker where I can save almost everything I want. This Locker cannot be accessed, opened, moved or deleted without entering the correct password and no one can even hack into this Locker to steal your private information, because Folder Lock for iPhone comes with a powerful hack attempt monitoring technology that make it impossible for hackers to hack into the application.


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