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If you are not on Twitter, you will surely ask the question, what is it?

Most Europeans know Facebook, and much of the continent is registered on the site, where core functionality is really conversation between friends. The short status messages and short response from friends has proven to be a killer-app. It’s simple and it is usable. Twitter is a sort of little sister to this. Sports

This is also about to be within 140 characters can tell what they are doing can answer others can ask questions, etc.

The statistics available indicate that there is only 300.000 -500.000 Europeans on Twitter, and it is not wrong to say that Twitter has not been a popular breakthrough in Europe yet. However, foreign figures say that Twitter has reached a few million customers around the world – and more importantly: Had a growth of 900% last year.

Twitter include an interesting tool in news contexts because it allows you to follow what people are talking about. In a recent example from the U.S. wrote an aircraft passenger a Twit message immediately after that his plane had plunged into the Colorado.

No news organization was to capture the message, but it had been a golden opportunity to make contact with an eyewitness.

However, the news can also go the other way. From media to users. The media has a tendency to refer all our initiatives as major milestones. It will probably be an exaggeration to say about Breaking News on Twitter.

Tell the story where the users are
Basically, it is that we take the Breaking News service we make available on mobile SMS, and enables people to subscribe to the same content on their Twitter account.

“Write Once – Publish Anywhere” can well recall the principle. We are just trying to make the content we’ve published once available to people where they are now. On the web, on mobile phone. At a blog – and on Twitter.

Twitter is also somewhat interesting as potentially conversation tool. A radio could use Twitter to have an ongoing conversation with the people who subscribe to issues debate challenge from the hosts. However, it requires that Twitter get’s a little more widespread.


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