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According to Australian Teaching Aids, when used regularly, merit stickers are a proven method of reinforcing good behaviour and rewarding effort.

Using affordable merit stickers in your classroom, or home helps encourage good behavior and hard work, simply by allowing teachers and peers to recognize children for positive actions through exciting, colorful merit awards and stickers. This article aims to discuss the use of stickers at school and the novelty value stickers have whilst rewarding and encouraging kids.

Merit Stickers

Awarding merit makes learning fun for all ages. There are a variety of merit awards available for teachers to give out on assignments well done for students, including gender specific stickers, job well done stickers, and a variety of drawings and designs to include a wide variety of ages. Choosing the right sticker can be a challenge for teachers and parents alike.

School Stickers:

Stickers for awarding merit at school provide positive reinforcement for specific subjects, and can be an extremely positive reward for a job well done or a real effort made, especially for subjects a student may be struggling with. School merit stickers are available for almost any subject in a variety of designs that are unisex, colorful, and cheerful, and can provide encouragement and reinforcement for the students. custom keychains

Stickers for Teachers:

Merit Stickers for teachers can be an excellent tool for reinforcement in the classroom for incentive programs such as reading, good grades, or attendance. There are also stickers for teachers to reward winners in competitions, or to reward effort. A colorful sticker chart can be a great way to chart progress or friendly classroom competitions, and students respond very well to seeing their progress charted and rewarded in a friendly, colorful manner.

Even if you are not using stickers for competitions, there are merit stickers for teachers to reward effort. These are particularly effective with subjects the student is struggling with, and can be great for self esteem. If the student is clearly trying hard, but becoming dejected and disheartened on a very difficult subject, there are award stickers to reward a nice effort or trying hard. Another fun use of stickers for teachers is holiday and birthday stickers. This can be a fun way to recognize a holiday. Also, “Happy Birthday” stickers can be a great way to personalize homework and recognize the student’s birthday for a little happy reminder that you remembered! Students respond very well to feeling a little extra special on their special days.

Novelty Stickers:

Awards that are fun and rewarding for when a student has gone above and beyond in their efforts. Now available are foil and metallic novelty stickers, for a little extra shine and flash to reward a job well done. There are also scented scratch and sniff novelty merit stickers available that feature both scents and themes to really liven up the merit system in your school.