I’d walk a mile for a Camel

Bridesmaid’s dresses: women love and hate them. They love that they’re asked to stand beside their friend, but they hate having to wear an unflattering dress for hours. Even worse, they hate having a dress that they can never wear again. Today, there is an abundance of options available, so that it’s easy to find an option that will please nearly everyone.

Short Satin Dress with Contrasting Black Waistband

This strapless dress reaches to just above the knee, and comes in a wide variety of color choices – Apple red, Golden, Jade bright blue, Regency purple and Watermelon pink. It is accentuated with a thicker black belt, complete with a stylish floral appliqué and flows from the small pleats on the bodice to the smooth skirt at the bottom. Brautgeschäft Berlin

Short Cotton Sateen Spaghetti Strap Dress

Complete with a pleated bodice, this bridesmaid dress adds curve and flair. Available in forty-two different shades of color, the top is made with spaghetti straps and a pleated skirt that reaches to the knee. This dress would add to the special day, and also look great with any body shape.

Short Strapless Pick Up Dress

This dress is the kind where you can wear it as a bridesmaid’s dress, and then again the week after, while attending a cocktail party. The Short Strapless Pick Up dress has a fashionable ruffled skirt and comes in twenty-one bright colors. The strapless bodice shows off the ruching detail and is complete with the ruffled skirt that reaches down to the knee.

Strapless Ruched Satin Ball Gown

The bridesmaid dress will add to the elegance of any wedding with the strapless bodice and the floor length skirt. Available in forty-two excitable colors, it shows a pleated, wrap around middle section that creates stunning feminine curves. Any woman wearing this would feel amazing and look amazing!

Chiffon Dress with Beaded Neckline and Straps

Perfect for any wedding, during any season, the Chiffon dress had beaded straps and a beaded neckline for a bit of sparkle. Adding to the style is the floor length flowing skirt that is bunched at the waist, and is available in twenty-one exciting colors. This light dress will be comfortable to wear for hours, and is especially recommended for hot weather.



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