3 Roles That a Dog Plays – Man’s Best Friend is Famous For These

In this article I will let you know about, 3 roles that a dog has played from the beginning of time and these roles make our dogs, one of the most unique creatures on the planet. curious incident play

Role #1 – Hunters

A dog can be a super hunting partner, these guys can work with their, masters in the field and do tons of things to make the hunting task much easier. A hunting dog is famous for chasing rabbits or bringing back animals that may have been hunted by its owner.

Role #2 – Herding

From the beginning of time, dogs have watched over their territory and made sure that everything is going smooth. They are the enforcers of their domain and make sure that they control, the pack of other animals and provide the ultimate support in making their master happy. The primary purpose of herding dogs, is to move animals such as sheep, goats, reindeer and even poultry from point A to point B.

Herding dogs also play a huge role, in protecting others animals and controlling the whole show till the owner says otherwise.

Role #3 – Companions

This role is by far my favorite of all 3. There are times when all of us are down and need support, our friends and families are nowhere in sight and our pet dog is right there. He or she knows what is going on with us, they feel the emotions that we are letting out.

It makes no difference, if it is 2 am in the morning or 2 pm in the afternoon, they will always jump for joy and wag their cute little tails to make us happy. Being alone should not be, a major issue when you have a pet dog that strives to please its owner and will not stop till they achieve their goals.

All of us need companionship, it is part of life and there is no better companion, than the one shared between a loving pet and an owner that returns the love and care in return.